Online LMS Quadam | Learning Management System Cloud | Elearning Platform

Use the advantages of Quadam to organize your courses online


With no fixed costs or opening fee


App for your teachers to create videos

Use your own payment gateway and manage your enrollments


Single price per completed enrollment


App for your students to interact

We send the printed accreditation diploma to your students


Whatever your web traffic and server maintenance


You can collaborate with Partners and issue personalized Student Grants


Full technical service all year round


What is Quadam?
The professional Cloud LMS platform for organizing online courses on exceptional terms.

Are they webinars?
Quadam does not provide webinars. Students are not required to access at a set time: they can enter whenever they wish, as often as they need to, at the times they choose.

Are they on-demand courses?
On no account. Quadam courses have a starting date and enrollment closes a few days after the course starts.

Can I organize a course?
If you register as an organizing center you can deliver courses at Quadam and use all the advantages of the platform.

Who is the organizing center?
The teaching center, the company, or the individual responsible for developing a course. Quadam is the platform on which it is delivered.

Who invoices the enrollment?
The organizing center collects the enrollment fees and issues the invoices. Quadam provides the organizer with a tool for the automatic issue of receipts in PDF format.

How can a teacher register?
Access as a teacher to Quadam courses can only be provided or denied by the director of an organizing center.

The center

Four profiles
• The Director has access to all tools. Directors can assign Managers and Editors to their centers to help them. They can also add Teachers to their teaching centers.
• The Manager (optional) can only access a center’s administrative department.
• The Editor (optional) is in charge of appropriate preparation of a course template.
• The Teacher is in charge of teaching during the course and is directly in touch with the students.

First the template and then the course
Every course is created from a template. The template needs to include everything that will be repeated in the different reruns of the course: lessons, exams and programmed forums. Templates are not static and can be changed at any time, for example allowing future course reruns to be improved by taking into account students’ opinions.

It’s easy to create a course from a template
You only need to enter the course starting date and press a button. The dates for the lessons, exams, programmed forums, etc., are generated automatically.

Mobile applications
Teachers have the Quadam Teacher (Q) application for creating videos. Students have the Quadam Mobile application for easy access to the course.